Bethel Connecticut Homes For Sale


7 Reasons To Call Connecticut Home Staging Before Listing Your Home

1. Home staging  2. Consultations for DIY home staging 3. Wall paper removal  4.Decor shopping  5. Furniture and decor placement  6. Furniture & home staging accessory rentals  7. Redesign for current or new homesprescott1

About Laura Prescott: For years she has been helping friends and family come up with simple design ideas to freshen up their spaces. After several moves of her own, she started to focus on the details of her home that would help it sell quickly. Having successfully sold all of her properties for a profit, she decided to turn her skills and knowledge into a business and help other people prepare their homes for the real estate market.

There are several multiple listing services in Connecticut and most of them are merging this summer.  You can find some listings for Bethel below and all of the Nothern Fairfield County listings can be found on homesnap.
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